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Caring and Holistic Treatment Center

In only treating the dependence, we don't believe, we believe in treating the person. It's inadequate only to take the difficulty away. Our VA treatment systems make an effort to go the additional step and help build up the person general, with new skills, approaches about themselves, plus a redefined goal in life, so they're going to never again return to a position where dependence can take a foothold. We use both contemporary and conventional procedures for getting our customers freedom.

Inpatient and Outpatient Options

We all know that getting over addictions is an extremely difficult thing to do, so we do not need to make the location of treatment another problem to deal with. We offer both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs, where you're in life, to meet you. Our world-class Alexandria staff are trained to deliver specially selected locations in your community, or the very best support whether it be in our state of the art facilities.

Christian Rehab Available

Surrendering your will and life over to God as a Higher Power is an important measure in the Alcoholics Anonymous program, and we strive to integrate their teachings into select plans geared towards Christian retrieval. Jesus came to save us from our sins, and dependency isn't excluded from that fact. We ardently believe that giving your life back around to the Higher Power is among the very best methods to finally have independence.
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Greg S.5 Star Rating

Helped me get clean after 15 years

for 15 years I was addicted to drugs and did almost everything under the sun. Bridge was there to help me and saved my life in the end. Without their treatment I would probably be dead or in jail, but because of them I have a life I can be proud of again.

Virginia Beach, VA

Joan and Steven T.5 Star Rating

Helped our daughter in her darkest times

Bridge Rehab was there when our daughter got caught up in a bad situation for a bit. Their staff was made up of the most helpful and caring people I’ve been around, and didn’t judge or cast blame. Haley can now have the future we always hoped for her.

Norfolk, VA

Mark and Tracy H.5 Star Rating

When pain killers go too far

After back surgery in 2009, I found myself in constant pain, and got hooked on pain killers because of it, even for years after my back pain went away. I was ashamed of my life, and was facing depression as well. Bridge Was there to help me get back on my feet, and with the help of my wife, finally get my life back. Thank you.

Richmond, VA

Are you associated to a yearning for the way things used to be why a plan for recovery is going to help you manage the battles in your life, and can’t determine?

Do you can’t envision a lifestyle of these addictions and continue to visualize your lifestyle with substances or booze?

Is it true that your utilization of drugs or alcohol no longer provide you with a feeling of freedom, but instead a sense that you are being consumed by habits away from what life could offer and now restricts your happiness?

We wish to put the selection along with a feeling of independence back into your hands and that’s why our Virginia Link Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers deliver applications that are up-to-date, nurturing and safe so that you’ve got access to a world-class staff trained to supply the very best support you deserve.

Disconnecting from the realities of life for the seconds when you use drugs and alcohol is a choice and you can safely alter your lifestyle to once again decide you deserve it.

Dealing with our facts could be heartbreaking at times specially if we sense that we begin to withdraw from loved ones or neglect duties and can not escape dysfunctional patterns of behavior. Because we have spent more time turning away from the realities of life abruptly, we can’t even carve out any time to do anything.

For many enthusiasts who come to our Virginia treatment centers, gaining coping skills to adopt the truths in life in a secure environment and finally feeling freedom activates a rewarding feeling. They feel motivated again and begin to look around at life and embrace problem solving.

Despite ingrained urges for a quick fix, they start to feel free to take pleasure in the simple things in life and value the chance to play an effective role in their healing and their life.

Your relationships can be ruined by untreated dependencies and also the increased dependence can turn your accomplishments and aims into a mess that feels debilitating.

Getting over an addiction and living your life is very difficult without treatment plus a support system.

You might not be aware of what demands you’re putting on your relationships, they don’t understand how to be honest about how they feel or because perhaps your buddies are distancing themselves. Sometimes, if a habit goes untreated, you may believe that everything is in control.

It is possible you’re not prepared or need to acknowledge you have a problem, since it means that you will have to make a change and that is more scary than anything else you can picture.

Seeking out help does not have to occur after you have thrown away chances that you turned your goals into challenges to your addictions and once needed to explore.

Treating the individual as a whole is vital to us and we strive to assist you rebuild your relationships. During treatment, we help you redefine a purpose in life that begins bringing a fresh attitude and clarity to your own life.

Untreated, an individual can see the debilitating effects of their dependency problems unfortunately and on their work and personal life, can make any targets or achievements impossible.

Our treatment centers in Virginia supply you a helping hand when it feels like no one can help and they don’t understand how.

Taking the initial steps towards recovery for your own loved one or yourself can cause a brand-new lifestyle and our Virginia treatment facilities bring our A game every day and use techniques and materials that can empower you to regain the sense of freedom you desire.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Alcohol Treatment in Alexandria

Is Alcohol Rehab Effective?

As with other chronic diseases, alcohol addiction can be managed successfully. Booze rehab enables people to counteract dependence's strong disruptive impacts on the brain and behaviour and to regain control of their lives. Along with ceasing drug abuse, the objective of alcohol rehab is to return people to productive functioning in the family, workplace, and community. According to research that tracks individuals in treatment over prolonged periods, most individuals who get into and stay in alcohol rehab stop using drugs, decrease their criminal activity, and enhance their occupational, social, and emotional function.


Can Detoxing Cause Diarrhea?

Yes, alcohol detox can cause diarrhea. Alcohol, a central nervous system depressant, is a powerful psychoactive substance that generates tolerance and physical dependence when abused. It truly is the cause of more emergency room visits than any other material, including painkillers. Quitting drinking creates a variety of physical and emotional reactions that are uncomfortable that usually need professional treatment. Unlike other substances that produce serious withdrawal symptoms, such as methamphetamine and heroin, stopping alcohol abruptly can be deadly. As the body adjusts to sobriety, alcohol withdrawal produces insomnia, diarrhea, fatigue and night sweats.


Does Alcohol Detox Make You Tired?

Individuals who enter into alcohol detox frequently feel extreme exhaustion when they are in the early phases of the plan. The detox procedure is merely the removal of the toxins along with booze that it creates in your body. You won't focus on anything other than having a safe clinical detox in this period of treatment for alcohol addiction. Apart from fatigue, there are various symptoms experienced as your body adjusts to the idea that the supply of booze has ceased. In fact, exhaustion is among the most common problems that individuals must adapt to when entering addiction treatment programs.


How Can I Start With Rehab for Alcohol in Alexandria?

The journey to a healthy, sober life isn't a fast and simple one. It is a lifelong devotion of hard work and dedication that's well worth the effort. Like every journey, the path to sobriety begins with easy measures forward. The specific measures of someone's addiction rehabilitation process will vary based on the addiction, the treatment plan used, as well as the person; yet, certain similarities are shared by all healing processes. There's no shortage of alternatives out there but it is very important to find a program that's a great fit for you when it comes to alcohol rehabilitation programs.


Does Outpatient Alcohol Programs in Alexandria Work?

Whether you are looking for continuing care after a stay at an inpatient facility or do not have the time to commit to inpatient care plans, outpatient programs can steer you toward sustained sobriety and recovery. According to data gathered by the Alexandria Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, roughly 80 percent of dependence centres offer outpatient drug recovery programs. Many different kinds of outpatient care programs are available to choose from, making locating the right one for you or your loved one seem overwhelming. By seeking with a couple vital elements in mind, you can detect the best outpatient addiction treatment center in Alexandria for you.


Why Can Alcohol Detox Kill You?

The reason why alcohol detox can kill you is because alcohol has some major impacts on the body, from interruption of ordinary bodily functions to accelerated aging. Over time, you can develop tolerance to alcohol, to be able to possess the same effects, and you may find yourself taking increasingly more of the substance. The more alcohol you take, the harder it is going to be when you make an effort to quit. Alcohol detox syndrome can sometimes take on mild, moderate, or serious forms that might lead to death. Alcohol detox is dangerous, killing as many as 1 out of every 20 individuals who develop its symptoms.


Is Rehab Covered by Medicare?

Yes, Medicare can cover the expense of alcohol or drug rehab, because it falls under the broad category of mental health services. Nonetheless, like any medical insurance plan, there might be limitations on what kinds of services you'll be able to receive. Medicare Part A only covers hospital stays, therefore it'll just cover inpatient alcohol or drug rehabilitation. Medicare Part B, on the other hand, covers outpatient drug or alcohol rehabilitations. Medicare Part D, which covers prescription drugs. Medicare may not cover all of your treatment, however; some of the prices of alcohol or drug treatment might have to be covered by you or a supplemental health insurance.


Can Detoxing Cause Brain Damage?

Yes, brain damage can be caused by alcohol detox. It causes severe and abrupt issues in your brain and nervous system. AWD is DTs or also known as delirium tremens. It is a medical emergency. All heavy, long term drinkers are in danger of AWD. Symptoms of AWD usually occur within three days of alcohol use that is altering. It is also very high for people who have been drinking heavily for over 10 years.


Can Detoxing Cause Seizures?

Yes, alcohol detox can cause seizures. During prolonged alcohol abuse, the brain becomes reliant on the material to stay relaxed. Ceasing suddenly compels the brain into overdrive, that results in alcohol withdrawal symptoms including fatigue, night sweats, itching and diarrhea. In the most serious instances, alcohol withdrawal causes seizures and hallucinations. The most serious type of alcohol withdrawal takes place when somebody that has heavily abused alcohol for a very long length of time suddenly ceases drinking. This state, called alcohol withdrawal syndrome, results in symptoms like seizures and extreme agitation.


Can you smoke in Alcohol Rehab?

Many drug rehab and alcohol treatment facilities often tended to permit patients to smoke because many believe that treating someone for smoking as well as other substance abuse is only too hard and will certainly take time. There's no certain answer regarding whether one can smoke in alcohol rehabilitation yet. The results from the before mentioned study in VA , don't necessarily mean that alcohol rehabilitation should not try and execute smoking bans, but rather shine a light on the challenges that are associated with implementing a new policy which goes against years and years of traditional thinking.


Can Alcohol Detox Cause a Stoke?

Booze detox happens because the brain works like a springtime in regards to dependency. Booze is a brain depressant that push down the springtime. They suppress the mind 's production of neurotransmitters like noradrenaline. When one stops using alcohol it's like taking off the weight hence the brain rebounds by producing a surge of adrenaline that causes withdrawal symptoms after a period of abstinence. These symptoms vary in severity depending on the length of time a man really has been a drinker, his frequency of alcohol consumption and the volume of booze have. Serious consequences of alcohol detox include seizures, mental imbalance, heart attack, stroke and delirium tremens.


Can I Smoke During Rehab?

These days, many alcohol and drug rehab treatment facilities in Virginia often have a tendency to permit patients to smoke because many consider that treating someone for smoking as well as other substance abuse is just too difficult and will certainly take time. There is no definite answer as to whether one can smoke in alcohol rehab yet. The results from the formerly released study in VA , do not automatically mean that alcohol rehab shouldn't try and implement smoking bans, but instead glow a light on the challenges that are associated with implementing a new policy which goes against years and years of traditional thinking.


Frequently Asked Questions about Drug Treatment in Alexandria

Does Drug Rehab Work?

Like a number of other issues, drug abuse is usually met with refusal for the individual who has that individual's close friends and the addiction and family members. The person may believe the issue is under control; family and friends might want to consider things aren't as poor as they really are. The truth is, attending drug healing treatment facility will provide positive benefits to your or a loved one's social life, finances, mental health and self-assurance. Do not let you cease from seeking help and getting drug addiction recovery information.


How Much Are Drug Rehab Centers in Alexandria?

Drug rehab facilities can cost tens of thousands of dollars per month or can sometimes be free. It depends on the rehabilitation facilities and the quality of service offered when estimating the cost of drug rehab facility. For instance, the priciest treatment facilities in Alexandria are often designed for customers who would prefer living in a high-end luxury surroundings throughout their stay in the rehabilitation center. Luxurious rehab centers provide powerful, drug treatment that is exclusive to clients in a private, upscale setting. In Alexandria, ultra high-end and high-end alcohol rehab is the most high-priced, ranging between $20,000 and $80,000 monthly. Other Alexandria alcohol rehab facilities are estimated to cost below $15,000 monthly .


Can I Join the Military After Drug Rehab?

Alcohol or drug dependence and any evidence of this in your physical examination will get you disqualified from joining the military. These clearcut cases aren't the most frequently experienced. Non-dependent drug use is more common and less clearly definable. That is not a reality, although the military would favor that not one of their service members used booze or did any drugs in the past. The military is more lenient towards soft drugs and alcohol use like cannabis than it is towards hard drugs like heroin and cocaine.


Do Alexandria Inpatient Programs Work?

Inpatient treatment programs place addicts into a treatment facility that is medically supervised and remove they from their previous ways of life. In most inpatient rehabilitation programs, 24 hour medical oversight during detox is provided. Oftentimes, patients are limited from contacting friends and family during the first portion of the rehabilitation procedure. This allows them to focus solely on their healing without distractions from the exterior world. Over time, close friends and relatives might be invited to participate in seeing with family therapy sessions or days.


Can You Die From Drug Withdrawals?

Drugs have some important impacts on the entire body, from disruption of ordinary bodily functions to accelerated aging. Over time, you can develop tolerance to drugs, to be able to get the same effects, and you may find yourself taking more and more of the material. The more difficult it'll be when you make an effort to quit, the more drugs you take. Material withdrawal syndrome can take mild, moderate, or severe forms that might cause departure on. If while withdrawing from alcohol someone develops a fever, extreme nausea, diarrhea, or DT (delirium tremens they need to be dashed to see a physician as soon as possible.


What Are Drug Treatment Centers?

Drug Treatment Facility is where drug addicts are directed on just how to get drug withdrawal. Drug treatment centres can offer you the medical attention and support you need so you could recover your own life get your dependence issue under control. Drug rehabilitation centers offer both inpatient and outpatient treatment. Outpatient treatment is great for people who have developed a drinking problem but are really not yet addicted to booze. These people may be social drinkers who drink more than they should and have trouble stopping. They have more of an emotional connection to alcohol.


How Long Are the Programs?

There isn't a set period of time that applies to everyone when it comes to drug rehabilitation. Some addicts may need a 90-day stay at an inpatient treatment facility to really find their path in healing, whereas others may simply need a 30-day system. It just changes based on the individual's particular emotional, mental, physical and spiritual needs, the individual's history with addiction, dual diagnosis circumstances, and the addiction in question. Studies find that people who spend longer amounts of time in rehabilitation programs achieve better rates of long term sobriety. This is because more time spend at a treatment facility means more chance to focus on the main causes behind the dependence.


How Do You Pay for Drug Rehab?

There are many methods to cover drug rehab in VA . You may want to consider paying for the treatment system in cash, either in advance or over the course of the program period on a per-session basis. This is most helpful for outpatient treatment systems where the costs are far less than an inpatient facility. Paying as you go offers the security of understanding that there isn't going to be any lingering invoices after the procedure has been completed. Nevertheless, if money is tight, you may also need to contemplate getting private funding so the recovering addict won't be forced to suspend treatment before it's completed.


Does Medicaid Cover Rehab?

Medicaid may cover both inpatient and outpatient drug addiction treatment. One thing to remember is the fact that when dependence treatment requires medical or mental-health care, it is prone to be covered by Medicaid. For instance, if other accredited addiction professional or a doctor determines that inpatient treatment is necessary Medicaid will cover it. Medical oversight is frequently required by the detox part of rehabilitation, especially if the patient displays exhibits suicidal impulses or signs of psychosis, so Medicaid will generally cover such treatment. Medicaid coverage is generally a safe bet here too, because outpatient treatment typically includes components of mental-health therapy.


Can I Force a Family Member into Drug Rehab?

While it is not as simple as dropping a loved one off at the doors of a treatment facility, pressuring someone into treatment isn't as unsuccessful as many gossips have revealed. In certain states it's in fact legal for a family member to compel an addict into drug rehab. One of the more progressive laws involving dependence treatment is Florida's Marchman Act, where a person can be induced into drug rehab if either a spouse, relative, or, in the absence of family members, three individuals who have direct contact and comprehension of the junkie's condition is present to be able to request for court ordered rehabilitation.


How Does Drug Rehabilitation Work?

Drug rehabilitation functions in this way that it will help in the treatment procedure towards healing from drug addiction. The aim of drug rehabilitation is to minimize and handle drug withdrawal symptoms in a safe setting. Bear in mind, drug detox isn't designed to be the only treatment one receives in regards to addiction recovery. It is completely meant to aid the individual physically adapt to living without drugs. Attending a drug rehabilitation program is the best step in recovering from dependence. Drug detoxification is the initial step of all effective rehab and treatment programs.


Does Drug Rehab Cost Money?

The cost of drug rehab is definitely a concern for most of those who are struggling with a drug use whether it costs money or not. Dearth of financial resources is a leading cause of rehab that is delayed and can often mean the difference between recovery and continued mistreatment. You can contemplate rehab that is low cost as the solution to that problem. It is also generally the case that these rehabs will offer a simple payment alternative. Luckily, there are plenty of choices.


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